CCTV Systems Jacksonville

Video surveillance systems

If you are looking for a video surveillance system for your Jacksonville office, we carry the highest quailty products on the market today. 

Benefits of a Surveillance System

Protect your company assets with best in class, video surveillance equipment from Optiview Network, Hikvision and Verkada.

Your Benefits Include:

  • Increase Employee Production
  • Prevent Vandalism
  • Prevent Shoplifters
  • Improve Your Workplace Safety
  • Discourage Employee Theft
  • Prevent Sexual Harassment Suits
  • Provide Criminal Evidence

CCTV Products


Optiview Network security cameras from Optiview are available in 4MP, 8MP and 12MP (4K) resolutions. Record more with IP with H.265+ compression rates.

Hikvision designs security cameras for every specific building-security need – indoor and outdoor areas, corridors, panoramic scenes, and much more. They provide intrusion detection featuring real-time alerts and deterrents based on video content analytics, along with 24/7 color imaging – which is most helpful when forensic evidence is needed.

Strengthen physical security with Verkada’s cloud-based surveillance solution. By combining the flexibility of the cloud with the reliablity of built-in storage, Verkada’s all-in-one cameras simplify surveillance management and deliver valuable insights about business operations.


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