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We offer sound masking systems available for the Jacksonville and north Florida commercial market. 

How Does it Work?

Sound masking is a technique used in business environments to enhance acoustic privacy and reduce distractions. It involves the use of specially designed equipment to emit a low-level, unobtrusive background noise that helps mask or cover up other sounds in the environment. The purpose of sound masking is not to add more noise, but rather to create a more comfortable and productive acoustic environment by reducing the intelligibility and disruptive effects of speech and other noises.

In a business setting, sound masking systems typically consist of speakers strategically installed throughout a space, such as an office or open-plan workspace. These speakers emit a controlled, soothing background sound, often referred to as "pink noise." Pink noise is a random, non-repeating sound spectrum that contains equal energy per octave. It is carefully calibrated to blend with the existing ambient noise in the environment, making it less noticeable to the human ear.

Benefits of sound masking in business environments include:

Speech privacy: Sound masking helps to ensure that conversations and confidential information remain private by making it harder for others to understand or overhear conversations.

Reduced distractions: By reducing the intelligibility of conversations and other noises, sound masking can minimize distractions and increase focus, thereby improving productivity and concentration.

Increased comfort: The low-level background noise created by sound masking systems can help mask sudden or intermittent noises, such as ringing phones, keyboard typing, or HVAC systems, creating a more soothing and comfortable work environment.

Enhanced confidentiality: In industries that handle sensitive information, such as healthcare or finance, sound masking can help meet privacy regulations and protect confidential data.

Flexibility and customization: Sound masking systems can be adjusted and tailored to the specific needs of different spaces and work areas. Zones can be created to target specific areas where privacy or noise control is particularly important.

It's worth noting that sound masking is not the same as white noise or background music. White noise is a random signal with equal energy across all frequencies, while sound masking uses pink noise, which has a specific frequency spectrum. Background music, on the other hand, is intended to be actively listened to and can sometimes be a source of distraction rather than a masking tool.

Overall, sound masking for business aims to improve acoustic conditions, reduce distractions, and create a more comfortable and productive environment for employees, leading to better concentration and work performance.

The Solution

The challenge: to produce optimum masking sound for all workspace characteristics. Parameters such as size, type of ceiling, wall coverings, and furnishings have a direct influence on the propagation of sound masking. If the masking system is not properly calibrated to the specific conditions of the room, it becomes ineffective and/or irritating.

Benefits of Sound Masking

Sound masking promotes speech privacy and prevents accidental listening, creating more productive workspaces that allow employees to focus on the task at hand.

  • Reduce Office Noise Distractions
  • Boost Workplace Productivity
  • Protect Speech Privacy
  • Improve Workplace Acoustics

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